Benefits of a Bulletproof Car

We are living in the times when terrorists are ripe and they use all means to hurt general public in general and important high-profile officials in particular to spread fear and terror among the masses. Moreover, we always hear news where terrorists and their accomplices hit financial institutions and banks to loot money to finance their nefarious activities. There are many turbulent zones in the world now and people and governments put into place the highest level of the security arrangements to ensure security to the people who matter. Armoring cars are one of the top solutions to the governments and top organizations to ensure security to their top officials. These cars come with a number of benefits and top features which make it easier for the government and military officials to escort their high-esteemed guests besides moving money and important documents and stuff from one place to another.


One of the top features of an armoring car is its guard against bullets. If you’re living in a country like Brazil where the murder rate is five times bigger than the United States, your top priority as a company would be to offer the best security solutions to your prospective clients. Some of the top car manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Ford, etc. have ventured into the game of bulletproofing. However, a major chunk of bulletproof cars is modified by the aftermarket companies like International Armoring Corporation (IAC) of Ogden in Utah. The company has so far armored over 5,500 vehicles since 1993. The companies like IAC are expensive ones to hire for bulletproofing your cars as they make 52,500 U.S. dollars for bulletproofing a brand new BMW 750i, but additional security features always cost you more. If you want to add features like electric shocking and smokescreens, your bill may rise up to 100,000 U.S. dollars.


These armored cars have the ability to absorb bullets in a way that they can’t cross the sheet installed within the doors, body, and interior of the cars. The companies first remove items like interior trim, seats, carpet, wiring, etc. from the cars followed by cutting off of the doors and cavities. Then the bulletproofing companies fill different materials into the voids and bolster the doors and pillars with steel plates. They usually use ballistic fabrics to protect the floor and ceiling. Go to website to find out more on the subject of armored and bulletproof cars and how they are installed to protect government and military officials.