Simple Pointers On Taking Good Care Your Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can do wonders for your oral health. For one, it can help you achieve that beautiful smile that you want that was marred by chipped and damage tooth. It can also help protect your pearly whites from further damage.

But just like any other dental gears, you need to protect them so they can serve their purpose. If you are keen on prolonging the lifespan of your porcelain veneers, try this list of tips:

  1. Take care of it like your real teeth

Some people think that dental veneers are not as valuable as your real teeth. But the truth is, it functions and looks like one. Given its purpose, you need to ensure that you take good care of them just like you take care of your teeth. Follow a strict and correct oral care regimen can help protect your veneers from early deterioration and damage.

  1. Avoid hard-to-chew food

Porcelain veneers in Dubai are known to be durable, but they are not as durable as your real teeth which is made of enamel. So do not push your veneers to its limits. As much as possible, avoid hard-to-chew food and dishes that can potentially damage your veneers. Try to be picky with what you eat. Opt for soft and mushy food, especially if the veneers is newly-installed.

  1. Watch out for teeth-staining beverages

Apart from refraining from hard-to-chew food, you should also refrain from food that can cause food staining and discoloration. Veneers are susceptible to staining, especially if they are newly installed. Watch what you eat and drink. Refrain from drinking dark-colored beverages such as red wine, coffee, and dark sodas. If you cannot avoid it, be sure to drink water and brush your teeth after intake to remove the contents that might cause the staining.

  1. Avoid bad oral habits

Teeth grinding can cause as much damage as chewing hard food. It can cause uneven teeth. It can also wear down your veneers that can damage your porcelain. Avoid this habit. It would be best to know the root cause of this problem so you can avoid it as early as possible.

  1. Attend your dental appointments

It is not enough that you undergo the procedure, it is also important that you have a professional to regular check the condition of your veneer. Be sure to attend on your dental appointments and follow your dentist’s instructions.